Start to Finish

CES is proud to announce the new Intelliflex Line of Products.


CES Consulting engineers and designers create innovative, custom solutions to meet or exceed client needs and project expectations.


CES Manufacturing is a leading power and control panel manufacturer.


CES Power & Controls provides expert builds, commissioning/start-up and maintenance contracts that ensures all systems/assets are installed correctly, function properly and are maintained to client and/or manufacturers specifications.

CES is your Start to Finish service provider

Consider us your first choice for every stage of engineering. CES uses innovative technologies and gives competitive cost estimates for any Electrical, Controls and Instrumentation (ECI) project.

We can manufacture much of the equipment necessary to handle the power and control needs within your projects. If we can’t fabricate it, our Procurement Team can source the best quality products available for your specifications.

Once construction begins, our experts provide quality assurance and deliverables based on your schedule and specifications.

Moving into Commission and Start-up, our team ensures we meet the industry requirements with system function testing before energization. But our work doesn’t stop there. We provide maintenance and evaluate the performance results to achieve the lowest possible operation costs.


CES Corporation provides industrial automation and commercial electrical services for dozens of industries across Canada.

Water and wastewater

We are industry leaders in municipal and industrial water treatment electrical and instrumentation services.

Reclamation and renewable energy

We are invested in renewable energy and sustainable electrical solutions.

Oil and gas

We are a sought-after electrical and instrumentation service contractor for the oil and gas industry.

Data server centres

We design and build data server cooling solutions for all types of businesses.

About CES Corporation

CES employs a highly skilled team with expertise in a wide variety of industries. We value safety, collaboration, sustainability, and quality.