The world’s most powerful immersion cooling solution

Amplify your data operations to the next level. Reduce your power usage, costs, and footprint like never before.

Immersion Cooling

Introducing Intelliflex™

Liquid immersion cooling from start to finish

Your data operations can be sustainable and energy-efficient, and we’re here to prove it. With a 6-MW power load, Intelliflex™ significantly reduces your environmental footprint and expenses.

Intelliflex™ provides you with the most efficient cooling method for your high-density computing hardware. Our fully integrated solution features immersion tanks, process, and cooling equipment in a small footprint. All modules are sold in combination with our Smart PDU for increased power, control, and network management.

Our experts are fluent in everything fluid, building energy-saving solutions that are customized to your exact needs. Wherever you are across the world, we’ll design and deliver a turnkey data system straight to your door.

Built for today’s high-performance data centres

  • Customizable design can be tailored to any infrastructure setting
  • Fast deployment means your system is shipped and launched quickly
  • Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) will drop significantly (down to 1.02) due to optimized use of your infrastructure and hardware’s core
  • Achieve up to 95% efficient use of power using the Intelliflex™ solution

Indoor IMDC

Provides up to 6-MW capacity similar to the Outdoor IMDC but is designed for re-purposing existing warehouse or building infrastructure.

Outdoor IMDC

Provides up to 6MW of capacity capable of running 1,152 miners. This solution offers a fully integrated enclosed system including immersion tanks, associated process and cooling equipment in combination with the Smart PDU and a centralized, fully integrated power, network and control hub accommodating connection from utility.

How Intelliflex™ immersion cooling works

At the core of the Intelliflex™ product line stands a liquid immersion cooling solution, integrated to a Smart Power Distribution Unit (SPDU). This system is designed to meet and exceed your power, control, network, and cooling requirements for high-computing infrastructure.

Liquid immersion is a leading I.T. cooling practice that keeps your data running as efficiently as possible. From complete servers to miners, it involves submerging hardware components or electronics in a non-conductive dielectric liquid or coolant.

The system removes heat by circulating liquid in direct contact with hot components, then through a dry-cool system that involves fans or heat exchangers.

Immersion cooling fluids have a very good insulating property, making them safe to interact with electronic components. Combined with the circulation method described above, Intelliflex™ harnesses a single-phase method to cool hot electronic components.

Liquid immersion cooling in action


  • IMDC Walkthrough

  • CES at Mining Disrupt with Intelliflex

  • Walkthrough of IMDC 6 0

Innovative Data Solutions

About CES Corporation

Located in Acheson, Alberta, Canada, we manufacture our Intelliflex™ solution from our 62,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility capable of building 300+ Modular Data centers every year.

We work closely with organizations across the globe and possess the expertise to design immersion cooling systems for any industry. We build solutions for data centers, cryptocurrency mining operations, and the artificial intelligence (AI) industry.

Our Deployed Intelliflex™ Locations

Installed Modules

  • Kentucky
  • New Mexico
  • Washington (State)
  • Arkansas

Coming Soon

Abu Dhabi, Paraguay, and Wisconsin

Our Values

At CES, we live our values. We are focused on the well-being of both our team and our clients.

  • Health & Safety

    We take every precaution to promote safety culture to our employees and the clients who use our systems.

  • Collaboration

    Our commitment to the principle that “everyone is equal” allows us to fully understand our team, our clients, and their needs.

  • Sustainability

    We aim to be an operator, employer, and partner that leads the way in environmental stewardship.

  • Quality Control

    We adhere to and exceed client specifications and industry standards. We achieve our high level of quality by conducting thorough inspections and quality audits. We diligently follow rigorous factory acceptance test procedures to deliver a quality functioning product every time.

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