Custom-designed control panels

CES Manufacturing brings your entire system together in a custom-designed commercial or industrial electrical control panel to house all the components to control and monitor your process, system or asset. Our panels are built to withstand harsh conditions that Canadian industries might operate within. They meet current CSA standards and leave our shop with CSA certification.

CES Manufacturing provides the following for basic and advanced power and control systems in our engineering divisions:

  • Relay logic control for harsh environments that are unmanned and expected to operate with little or no interface from an operator
  • PLC systems and programming
  • SCADA networks for remote monitoring and control

Electrical control panel features and options:

  • Quality NEMA-rated enclosures complete with PLCs and essential DIN rail-mounted components (i.e. interposing relays, terminal strips, power supplies, etc.)
  • NEMA rating options for hazardous locations and indoor/outdoor general-purpose applications (i.e. weatherproof, dust-proof, and explosion-proof protection)
  • PLC App: available to view key aspects of your system via a smartphone app. This helps to improve efficiency, monitor for maintenance, and troubleshoot
  • Time and cost savings: programming savings with relay logic (often suitable for the Canadian climate in remote locations)
  • Accurate and reliable controls
  • Modular for flexible systems integration and expansion
  • Easy to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot (i.e. Bluetooth access for hazardous locations)
  • Cost-effective builds and maintenance
  • Compliant with electrical safety rating standards
  • Comprehensive system and component documentation
  • Training on system use, as required

Types of control panels

We are industrial control panel manufacturers who specialize in electrical control panel design for Canadian industries operating in isolated and harsh environments. We can engineer design and fabricate control panels suitable for the following:

  1. General purpose for indoor applications (NEMA 1 or 12)
  2. General purpose for use in either indoor or outdoor applications (NEMA 4); for corrosive, outdoor environments (NEMA 4X)
  3. Hazardous duty for placement in explosive environments (NEMA 7, 8, 9 or 10)
  4. There are certain measures that can be used to prevent the use of cast aluminum enclosure in hazardous locations (i.e. instrument air purge, inert gas purge, intrinsically safe products, etc.)

Relay Control Panel

There are situations that don’t require a PLC. There are applications where a PLC is unreasonable. When a panel must operate without a space heater, the components in it are rated for -40℃. The panel is suited for continuous use for a single application or process. It is more efficient and cost effective to utilize relay logic engineering design. A relay panel is an easy solution in remote locations where the panels are being used without a plant operator. They are easy to use and can be operated by almost any personnel.

Mimic Panel

A mimic panel performs as its name suggests. It displays, or mimics, the geographical layout of many systems (i.e. medium voltage circuit breaker control in order to reduce the use of arc flash gear prior to accessing switchgear, fire and gas systems, etc.). The mimic panel on a fire and gas panel is the visual representation that allows crews to quickly identify and appraise where the fire and gas hazards are.

Solar Combiner Box

A solar combiner box protects solar panels and the entire photovoltaic (PV) installation. It enables control of multiple PV solar strings, consolidating incoming power into a single primary feed. The panel also includes monitoring and safety equipment, such as disconnect switches and rapid shutdown capability.

Electrical Heat Trace Panel

Electrical Heat Trace (EHT) panels monitor and control temperatures for freeze protection and maintaining process systems on pipes, valves, tanks, pumps, and similar equipment. A reliable control panel is necessary, when a self-limiting option for EHT isn’t viable and the line(s) must be monitored under upset conditions. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections are available for ease of access.

CES electrical control panel design and manufacturing services

As a leading industrial electrical panel supplier, CES has expert design engineers and manufacturing teams on hand to provide you with a custom-built application. Our electrical construction branch can also install the panels complete with mounting/assembly hardware and interface cabling. We also offer customized maintenance contract options to help you keep your systems running smoothly.

Our quality standards meet or exceed industry standards. Our health and safety record are among the best in the business.

Trust CES Manufacturing with your control panel requirements. Contact us for a quote.