Custom modular process skids

Modular process skids provide the ultimate flexibility at affordable prices. CES designs and builds each process system or application within an easily transportable frame called a skid. Solutions for business can include multiple process skids that are designed to work together to manage larger systems or plants.

Modular process skids features and options:

  • Flexible configuration for any industry
  • Easy transportation
  • Integration with other skids to facilitate scaling, updating, and expanding of a larger process.
  • Enclosed systems to promote safety
  • Fabrication in shop-controlled environment for quality control
  • Reduced impact on project site
  • Reduced project timelines with simultaneous builds in shop
  • Comprehensive system and component documentation
  • Thorough testing before shipment
  • CSA certification provided prior to shipment
  • Training on system use, as required

CES modular process skid design and manufacturing services

Our design engineers, manufacturing/fabrication and construction teams are experts in modular process skid design and fabrication.

We offer customized maintenance contract options to ensure that all components are maintained as per manufacturer specifications, CSA and NETA standards. Proper maintenance keeps workers safe and keeps the warranty of the equipment valid.

Our quality standards meet or exceed industry standards, and our health and safety record is among the best in the business.

Ask CES how modular process skids can enhance your project and your bottom line. Contact us for a quote.