Electrical house skid

An electrical supply house (e-house) brings modular power distribution and control capabilities to your work site. CES Corporation engineers and manufactures these custom-built prefab metal enclosures to client specifications, the Canadian Electrical Code and common industry standards. The advantage of building the e-house off site is that it reduces the cost of labour, equipment and materials, it can be tested and CSA certified before shipment.

E-house features and options:

  • Mobile and easy to relocate on site
  • Modular, walk-in metal enclosures
  • Cost-effective plans with minimal time required for installation, commissioning, and startup
  • Improved efficiency of mechanical and electrical rooms and other applications due to the close proximity of the E-house. In addition, the E-house is closer to the process, system or asset it is controlling. This allows central control of multiple motors and other vital equipment with shorter cable runs. Shorter cable runs result in less voltage drop, less obstructions for vehicular and foot traffic, and a cost savings.
  • Prefabricated options suitable for every industry. The E-house can be shipped to site complete and ready to provide power.
  • The E-house may contain a medium voltage substation on one half and the switchgear, motor control centres (MCC), control panels, power panels, HVAC systems, security systems and power distribution equipment in the other building half.
  • Extensive testing before and after site installation
  • Comprehensive system and component documentation via thorough Operations and Maintenance manuals
  • Training on system use as required

CES E-house engineering design and manufacturing services

Our design engineers, manufacturing and construction teams are foremost experts in E-house deliverable creation. We have extensive experience in panel/equipment fabrication, equipment procurement and installation/construction techniques.

Our maintenance procedures provide great value. We follow the guidelines set out by CSA and NETA. Our records are comprehensive, thorough and easy to understand.

Our quality standards meet or exceed the Canadian Electrical Code and common industry standards. Additionally, our Health and Safety record is among the best in the business.

Ask us how an E-house solution provided by our team can benefit your work site. Contact us for a quote.