Custom motor control centres

CES Corporation builds motor control centres (MCCs) for industrial and commercial applications. Our CES MCCs are customized to your specifications while meeting or exceeding CSA, NEMA and IEEE standards. Our motor control centres provide power and control over many key power distribution needs.

Motor control centre features and options:

  • Components sourced or designed by CES
  • Intelligent design that saves time and money
  • Arc flash mitigation technology
  • Quick access for various monitoring devices via a hardwired connection through RS232 or RJ45 ports, or through Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth technologies
  • May contain the following:
    • Power distribution panels (either at the voltage of the MCC or they complete with an internal step down transformer)
    • Large circuit breakers to feed other MCCs or transformers to step down voltage for power distribution panel boards
    • Control panels that allow reliable monitoring of vital processes, systems and/or assets
  • Options for starters that best meet specifications
  • Integrated panels designed for safety and space efficiency
  • Comprehensive system and component documentation
  • Training on system use, as required

CES motor control centre design and manufacturing services

Our design engineers and manufacturing teams will work with you to design and build the motor control centre that you need. We also offer customized maintenance contract options to help you keep your systems running smoothly.

Our quality standards meet or exceed industry standards, and our health and safety record is among the best in the business.

Let us help you get the right motor control centre in place. Contact us for a quote.