Smart PLC control panels for your business processes

CES Manufacturing is a CSA-certified PLC panel manufacturer and fabricator. PLCs are critical to successful systems operation. They enable automation over a wide range of small/medium/large industries to suit your process, system, or asset. PLC panels eliminate individual panels required for control. They simplify the control systems by combining them into one convenient panel.

PLC panels control processes, systems or assets your business relies on for continuous revenue flow, so trust CES to build PLC panels you can rely on.

PLC panel features and options:

  • Accurate and reliable controls
  • User-friendly human machine interface
  • Easily modified to perform complex programming tasks
  • Modular for flexible systems integration and expansion
  • Easy to repair
  • Programmable memory to control several types of functions
  • Networking capabilities to communicate with other systems
  • Cost-effective builds and maintenance
  • Separate safety instrumented systems design
  • Distributed control system availability
  • Comprehensive system and component documentation
  • Training on system use, as required

Human machine interface

The human machine interface (HMI) is a user control touch screen operator interface that allows your employees to utilize the PLC in a simple, easy to navigate means. The PLC HMI Panel, often installed as a touchscreen, helps control and monitor processes, systems, and/or assets. They send your instructions out and relay important monitoring data to you. Act on system events, such as alarms, in real time, and include messaging and instruction screens about controls. Our PLC Panel Builders will design and build an HMI to help you easily manage the inputs and outputs you need from your system.

Safety instrumented systems

In a perfect world, systems would never fail. But, because they do, industries need safety instrumented systems (SIS) as another layer of protection to back up the control systems and alarms that are already in place. Under certain pre-determined conditions, or should the primary systems fail, the SIS brings the process to safe state, whether that is by shutting down or some other method.

Your industry guidelines (ISA-84/IEC-61511) may require installation of a separate SIS to act as an additional layer of protection. If the primary systems fail, the SIS must not be compromised and should be able to act independently. The SIS must follow all industry-specific guidelines for risk reduction factors and fatal accident rates.

Distributed control systems

Distributed control systems (DCS) are similar in function to PLCs. Both can centrally control and monitor multiple processes, but DCS controllers can be installed closer to the processes without the use of cables. While this may reduce installation costs, the programming is more complex.

CES PLC design and manufacturing services

Our panel designers, engineers, and manufacturing team are experts in PLC design, programming and manufacturing/fabrication. Our electrical construction division (CES Power and Controls) can also install all infrastructure components so they are functioning as expected by your technical staff and field personnel. We also offer customized maintenance contract options to help you keep your systems running smoothly.

Our quality standards meet or exceed industry standards, and our health and safety record is among the best in the business.

Ask CES Manufacturing which PLC solution will improve your process controls. Contact us for a quote.