Reliable power distribution panels

Protect your commercial or industrial electrical systems with a CES-built power distribution panel. Whether you call it a power distribution, panel board, breaker panel, or electrical panel, CES can design and manufacture it to help you safely manage your electrical control and power needs.

Industrial power distribution panel features and options:

  • Low-, medium-, or high-voltage options to meet industrial or commercial specifications
  • Enclosed or open design with options to protect components from airborne contaminants and water
  • Multiple subsidiary circuits, each with a protective fuse or circuit breaker
  • Variable-frequency drive options to reduce energy use and improve control performance
  • Motor control centres for multiple motor builds
  • Soft starter availability to improve system longevity
  • Comprehensive system and component documentation
  • Training on system use, as required

The power distribution panel is really the sum of its parts. Once built, a distribution panel is one of the most reliable components of the electrical system.

It is so important for businesses to invest time in planning. Identifying requirements up front will result in panels that save energy and components that don’t wear as quickly. Options that save money include:

Variable-frequency drive

CES is well-versed on the technological advances in and configurations for variable-frequency drives (VFD).

Electrical motors in industrial applications are a major source of energy consumption. A VFD is used to control startup, motor speed, and torque, and can reduce energy use. VFD programming also improves control performance.

Motor control centers (MCCs)

CES designs and builds motor controls centres (MCC) to provide central control of multiple motors for industrial and commercial use. The MCC and its monitoring systems can improve the efficiency of mechanical and electrical rooms and other applications.

Soft starter

A soft starter will reduce the wear and tear on motors. It does this by reducing the power used to start and minimizing the risk of shocks within the system.

Temporary power systems

CES has innovative solutions for temporary power systems designed for commercial and industrial use. We provide a safe, reliable power supply wherever and whenever power is required. Our mobile distribution panels are designed for heavy-duty use in harsh conditions. We build custom distribution skids that suit each client’s needs.

CES power distribution panel design and manufacturing services

Our designers, engineers, and manufacturing team will work with you to design and build the safe and efficient power distribution panels. Our electrical construction branch can also install all components and guarantee they are working as they should. We also offer customized maintenance contract options to help you keep your systems running smoothly.

Our quality standards meet or exceed industry standards, and our health and safety record is among the best in the business.

CES is ready to design and build your power distribution panels. Contact us for a quote.