Data Centres

Data centres are buildings that house servers, storage subsystems, network switches, and more. There are nearly 8,000 data centres globally.

The average PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) of a data centre is 1.58, but with Intelliflex, we can help you become much more energy efficient and reach a PUE of 1.02.

We are always excited to become involved in green energy development and projects for data centres. We bring our passion and expertise to any job. As more companies are investing in renewable technologies, our team is keeping up with the latest trends in engineering design, programming, automation, sustainability, and fabrication.

Our experience in data centres

From utility to IT hardware, the Immersion Modular Data Center (IMDC) offers you the best in class power, network and control.

The IMDC offers capacity up to 6MW, allowing the operation of 1,152 single-phase 240V or 768 three-phase 415V miners operating at their full potential. The 24 immersion tanks are integrated with a Smart PDU accommodating up to forty-eight 20A duplex circuits, allowing for 96 – C19 receptacles. All power, control, and network requirements are covered. Each IMDC includes centralized, fully integrated hubs accommodating connection from utility.

Immersion cooling standard components

  • 24 – Immersion Tanks
  • 24 – Circulation Pumps
  • 24 – PDUs
  • 4 – 2200A PowerHub/SWG
  • 4 – Cooling Pods
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Dielectric Fluids
  • Ethernet Network Switch
  • 25 “Smart” PDUs
  • 6MVA MegaBox Transformer/SWG
  • BusDuct/Cabling Interconnects


  • Instrumentation Package
  • Monitoring Package
  • Module Interconnection
  • Managed Ethernet Network Switch

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